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      Synchronize the current application to a directory on the server. Compares last modification times to determine the files to be synchronized. If a start time is given, only resources updated since that time stamp are taken into account.

      1. Start date/time in xs:dateTime notation. Only resources modified after this date will be synchronized. This field is filled automatically from the application descriptor (if available).
      2. Path to a directory on the server.
      3. If checked, the application will be synchronized with the directory automatically whenever you save a resource.

      Storing resource

      eXide version 2.0.1

      Website: https://github.com/wolfgangmm/eXide

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      Licensed under the GPLv3 license

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      eXide 2.0 has many new features. Make sure you read the documentation to understand code completion, refactorings and keyboard shortcuts.